Monday, July 23, 2012

My Two Cents...

A little Dr. Seuss therapy - 

Though I sit as quiet as a mouse, my eyes are wide open watching things play out.

What I see saddens me - authors, bloggers, pirates, and thieves - all behaving so very badly.

I'll never understand the need to act this way, and it seems to get worse, day after day.

The bad name a few give to the rest, makes everything we now do, seem like a test.

As an author, I have one thing to claim, shame on those who give the rest a bad name.

I work my butt off, and am respectful to all, to expect the same from others, seems like a fair call.

~ Tish Thawer

This post is not meant to single anyone out, but to share my personal thoughts on the sad state of things going on in this great industry! :)


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