Friday, September 25, 2015

InDscribe Recap

Oh my gosh, you's been forever since I've posted here! I would say I'm sorry, but I'm really not, lol, and that's only because my absence is due to me being soooo busy with all kinds of fun and exciting things!!!

My most recent adventure was to Palm Springs to attend the InDscribe event hosted by InDtale Magazine and Red Coat PR.

This was such a party with costumes, red carpets, the RONE awards, and tons of dancing. (Yes, perhaps me, Shannon Morton, H.P. Mallory, Amber Lynn Natusch, and friends crashed someone else's party in search of a certain model and because their music was the BOMB! LOL)

I got to hang out with the amazing Eric Asher and Hilde McQueen, two of the most enjoyable people around, (even though Hilde called me bossy for "dragging" them to a workshop, hehehe.)

Catherine Bybee was a blast as usual, and I finally got to meet T.J. McKay and the InDtale staff who couldn't have been more lovely even if they tried. <3

I saw old friends and made new ones who I can't wait to see again!

Here are a few pictures to recap! Enjoy!

Our grand welcome to the InDscribe Hollywood Night!

Me & the super sweet Elizabeth Kelly

Me and the adorable Elena Dillon

Me & the fabulous Eric Asher

Me & the lovely Susan Grimson

I LOVE Michelle Files!

Ahhhh...finally got to meet Quinn Loftis!

Me & the wonderful Hilde McQueen!

My girls, Amber Lynn Natusch & Shannon Morton!

Me & Kriste Cook (photo bombed by Rick Miles)

The beautiful and hilarious Catherine Bybee!

Me & the awesome H.P. Mallory holding our "witchy" books!

Me & my oh so lovely table neighbor, Beth Carter!

Just me! :)