The Rose Trilogy

What if vampires were the good guys

and a human girl was the one to fear?

THE ROSE TRILOGY - A new adult (NA) paranormal romance about a young woman named Rose, and Christian, the vampire who loves her.

SCENT OF A WHITE ROSE (The Rose Trilogy ~ Book 1)
(January 10, 2012)

A paranormal romance that entices with a heroine that isn't quite what she seems, a vampire whose love story is filled with dark surprises, and a vampire clan whose Sire has lost the ability to inflict "the change".

A vampire's love...
An innocent's guilt...
A secret no one could've imagined.

                                    ~ ROSE ~
I'm Rose Reynolds. I have recently lost my Mom in a "freak accident". Now everyone sees me as an innocent girl.... a “white Rose”. But I have a secret that no one can imagine. I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks....

                               ~ CHRISTIAN ~
I'm Christian and I'm in love with Rose. I also have a secret as old as time. I'm a vampire.  No, she doesn't know... yet. Bu
t when our new Sire is revealed, I'll be                                                                              petitioning them to change her. Because truly, I can't                                                                            live without her....


ROSES & THORNS (A Rose Trilogy short story ~ Book 1.5)
(March 6, 2012)

A Rose Trilogy short story that takes us through Rose and Christian's whirlwind romance as they build the relationship that will see them through the difficult times that lie ahead.

Witness their first kiss...

Their first date...

And the time Rose spent with her mom before her untimely death.

BLOOD OF A RED ROSE (The Rose Trilogy  ~ Book 2)
(May 8, 2012)

Book 2 in The Rose Trilogy. A paranormal romance that continues to surprise with a heroine that's embracing her darker side, a vampire whose love starts to waver, and a vampire clan whose new Sire is filled with doubt.

Doubt blooms...
Someone bleeds...
Change is coming... time to take heed.        

                                    ~ ROSE ~
I'm Rose Reynolds. I’ve shared my secret and ruined lives. I’m no longer welcome in my childhood home.
And, I’ve recently threatened to kill my best friend. I warned you - I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks…

                               ~ CHRISTIAN ~
I'm Christian and I’m worried about Rose. She’s changed and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. She knows my secret and loves me still. This I know,                                                                                      because I’m 
starting to hear whispers wherever I go…


DEATH OF A BLACK ROSE (The Rose Trilogy ~ Book 3)

(August 2013)

Book 3 in The Rose Trilogy. A paranormal romance that concludes with a heroine who's now the one to fear, a vampire who vows to save the soul of the one he loves, and a vampire clan whose new Sire is already facing extinction.

A black Rose dies...
Now it's time to run...
The one I love lost... oh God, what have I done?                               

                                    ~ ROSE ~
I'm Rose Reynolds. I’m now a vampire and everyone's afraid of me. My blonde hair has drifted to black, indicating just how "bad" I've become. Christian swears he can save me... but what if I don't want to be saved?

                              ~ CHRISTIAN ~
I'm Christian and I’m still in love with Rose. She’s now a vampire, which is not a good thing. She turned out                                                                             darker than I could've ever imagined. I know I can save                                                                       her. I have to... because my very 
existence depends on it.



  1. Tish- I am excited to read your books and looking forward to seeing your excellent sensibilities come thru on the page..Jan 10m is now marked on my calendar!

  2. OMG, the last one doesn't come out until 2013........ You're killing me slowly!!

    1. Sorry, Crystal. Yes, due to the Ovialell series being push up, Death of a Black Rose is being pushed back. But I promise, October 2nd you'll be happy again! :)

  3. Is Roses & Thorns going to be a paperback too? Beacause I don't do the e-book thingie and was just wondering, cause I really wanna know how Rose & Christian met wihtout having to buy a kindle please!!

  4. Or include it in the last book?

  5. LOL - Thank you all for the comments. My publisher is planning on releasing Roses & Thorns in a smaller sized paperback format, which will probably release the same time Death of a Black Rose does.

    I'll keep you posted! :)

    ~ Tish

  6. hi tish i am not allowed to buy books and i read ur books online and i have been dying to read death of black rose but till now i never found it, can you please help me out. and since i accidently came across your first book scent of white rose i just love to read your books over and over.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reading and re-reading my books, that's always great to hear! :) As for the final book, Death of a Black Rose, I've been told that the tentative release date will be August 2013. So hang in there, it's coming!!

  7. my favorite characters are vampires


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