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(LOST IN TIME is a side-story written within the Havenwood Falls shared world that features two of the three Howe sisters and answers some questions regarding their missing time mentioned in The Daughters of Maine (Witches of BlackBrook #2.)
By Tish Thawer
Series: Legends of Havenwood Falls
Genre: Historical Paranormal
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Cover Design: Regina Wamba,
Coming soon on Kobo | Barnes & Noble
Every town has stories of its past, and Havenwood Falls is no different. And when the town’s residents include a variety of supernatural creatures, those historical tales often become Legends. This is but one . . .
Three sister witches escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that sends their souls forward in time. Separated by unknown forces, their soul journeys place them into new lives, causing them to continually try to find one another each time.
After their second soul journey, two of the three Howe sisters end up in an unforgiving mountain range in the early 1700s, but before they can begin to search for their sister, they come face-to-face with a native tribe living in a secluded box canyon. Forced to shift their focus from their lost sibling, the girls quickly realize they’ve been trapped in a time loop and now must face the tribe whose end goal remains to be seen.
When they discover that magic is being misused, the sisters put a plan into motion that will change the canyon forever, hopefully keeping others from falling into the same trap. But as their deaths loom and their next soul journey awaits, they must decide who will protect this special land and the magic of the falls once they're gone.
The Havenwood Falls shared world is a collaborative effort by multiple authors across multiple series all in the paranormal fantasy genre, allowing readers to discover new authors and stories to fall in love with. Each author brings a stand-alone plotline, so they can be read in any order, but there are many crossovers among the stories.
Books in the Legends of Havenwood Falls historical fantasy series:
Lost in Time by Tish Thawer (June 2018)
Dawn of the Witch Hunters by Morgan Wylie (June 2018)
Redemption’s End by Eric Asher (June 2018)
Coming soon are books by Brynn Myers, Belinda Boring, E.J. Fechenda, Katie M. John, and more.
Also look for our signature Havenwood Falls, a New Adult/Adult series, and Havenwood Falls High, a Young Adult series.
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I have a confession ...

I have a confession... 

Did you realize that The Witches of BlackBook series is written in reverse? (1st book is the end of their journey, the 2nd covers a middle lifetime, and the 3rd will take you back to the beginning.) This was unconventional, and a risk I was willing to take, even though I knew it may leave readers feeling as though book 1 needed more depth, but I just couldn't see myself writing it any other way. I promise, there's so much more to learn about the Howe witches, if you just keep reading... 😉📚 

(PLEASE NOTE: To avoid spoilers, you still have to read them in order... book #1 TWOBB, #2 TDOM, #3 TSOS- coming late 2018.) #thewitchesofblackbrookseries

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New Release

Available Now: HANDLER 

Our world was perfect––until we broke the law: Don't go out at night.

Utopian by day, dystopian by night; this is the world I recently discovered. I now struggle with the fact that our whole society has been based on a lie. There's only one way to change it––conquer the darkness we've all been raised to fear.

Live the lie; fight to the death; become a Handler. It's the only way.

A sci-fi/dystopian novel.

Buy links: 

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Early Reviews: 

"This book is amazing. There’s no other way to describe it. With twists and turns you never know what to expect from this book. The characters are flawless. The storyline, phenomenal. One of my favorite books that Tish has written. An absolute must read." ~ Fallen For Books Blog

"Handler delivers sci-fi like no other! Tish Thawer creates a world within a world that leaves you salivating for more ...  I enjoyed every single twist and want others to enjoy it too. Tish Thawer wrote incredible characters that had a drive to fight for what's right ... This book is for any sci-fi lover. Trust me you won't be disappointed ... " ~ Red Hatter Book Blog

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New Release & Sale Alert

Celebrate Halloween (Samhain) in Ovialell

It's here! The relaunch of Aradia Awakens and the all-new short-story companion, Dark Seeds.

Aradia Awakens has been rewritten and re-edited to take the explicit sex scenes and smooth them to meet the rest of my New Adult brand. But don't worry, all the witches, goddesses, werewolves, vampires, and even more sexy supernaturals are all still at play in Ovialell.

Dark Seeds (book 1.5) takes place immediately after book one. (It is highly recommended you read Aradia Awakens first, in order to appreciate the point of views in this short-story companion.)

Aradia Awakens:
Dark Seeds:


The Daughters of Maine
(The Witches of 
BlackBrook #2)

Featuring on BookBub November 1st.


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Pages of Fear Blog Hop

Welcome to stop #5 in the first-ever Pages of Fear blog hop. It’s a pre-Halloween event celebrating authors who like to fright and delight with their writing. As you progress through the twenty-eight blogs/websites you’ll learn about authors you may already know and be introduced to some new ones.

Everyone loves the opportunity to get something free. All of the authors have gathered together to give ONE lucky winner signed copies of their books (one per author). You may even find other types of giveaways on their sites so, keep your eyes open. While you’re looking you want to locate the secret word on each site. Make a list of the words in the proper order. When you reach the final destination (, you’ll find an email address. Send your list to it. The winner will be selected courtesy of

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Now, back to the hop! If you've found yourself in the middle of things, you can get to the beginning HERE!

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GO, LADIES and gentlemen! ;)

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