Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2014 New Years Resolutions

The DREAMER in me:

Exercise everyday.
Drink more water.
Publish more than 3 books.
Attend 4 to 5 Author Events.
Put myself out there more.
Never have another year like 2013.

The REALIST in me:

Exercise once a month.
Drink less wine.
Finish writing the book I'm currently working on.
Attend the 2 Author Events I'm already scheduled for.
Accept that I'm painfully shy.
Understand that shit happens.

Yep... That pretty much sums it up!

2014 - Bring it on! LOL

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Secret Project

So as of today 12/19/2013 - I've started on a secret project! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!!


Not only is this new book completely out of my normal comfort zone of PRN/UF, my mind is spinning so fast I may have to stop writing my current book to get some of this out of my brain.

The cover will be coming soon, but until then, check out the blurb below:

HANDLER by Tish Thawer (Coming soon)

Our world was perfect––until we broke the rule: Don't go out at night.

Utopia by day, Dystopia by night; this is the world I recently discovered.
I now struggle with the fact that our whole society has been based on a lie. There's only one way to change it––conquer the darkness we've all been raised to fear.
Live the lie; fight to the death; become a Handler. It's the only way.