Monday, July 9, 2012

Fan Page Promo

...but you can still find Scent of a White Rose for $0.99
(for a limited time only)

In honor of my Facebook Fan Page hitting 1,000 likes, I'd like to show my appreciation by offering a Fan Page Promo.

What does this mean you ask?

Well...starting Wednesday, July 11th all the books in The Rose Trilogy that have been released so far will be available on for $0.99 each.


That's Right!!

That includes:

Scent of a White Rose

Roses & Thorns


Blood of a Red Rose

That's all three books for $0.99 each!!

Get 'em while their cheap, as this will only last for 48 hours. (Promo ends Friday 7/13)

Thanks to everyone who liked my page, and helped me reach this goal!
I truly appreciate your support.

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