Monday, January 23, 2012

Christian's Interview

Today I would like to thank Christian for being a part of  my blog tour. He was gracious enough to take time away from The Rising Pit, (and Rose,) to come sit down with me last night. I have to say, I thought I knew him pretty well, but, there are some things in this interview that surprised even me. So...let's get to it!

1. What is your full name?
Christian - though the Scandinavian spelling is Kristian.

2. Well, that answers my next question. Where did you grow up?
Yes. I was originally from the Swedish island, Gotland, in Scandinavia.

3. Do you have many memories of your human life?
Yes and no. I do remember vague things like people's faces and the layout of my village, but nothing too specific. Six-hundred and two years is a long time to remember back. Plus, I'm happy in my life, so the past isn't something that I tend to dwell on.

4. It's been shared that Evangeline changed you due to an injury you suffered during a raid on your village. Were you grateful that she changed you or do you wish that she hadn't?
I was grateful because it saved my life, but I wish that the circumstances had been different. I'm sure that I lost a lot of people that I loved in that raid. But now with my vampire strength and speed, I'm able to help others in a way that I never could have if I had remained human. For that, I'm very grateful.

5. Do you do that often? Use your "powers" to help people?
As often as necessary, yes.

6. You've been described as: sexy, loyal, and honorable. Do you think these traits accurately describe you?
(He shakes his head, then smiles at me with that sexy smile.) Mrs. Thawer  - I think you know that I would never describe myself as sexy, but loyal and honorable, I certainly hope so. I want to show you something...(he leans up in his chair and takes his shirt off - Yes, I'm dying right now. He turns around to show me his back.) This is the tattoo I recently got, it means: Truly, Madly, Deeply... it's how I live and love. (This is news to me, as I didn't know he had this tattoo until this moment.)

7. It's beautiful. (It's some sort of runic symbols that I don't recognize on his upper right shoulder blade.) Did you get that for Rose?
Of course.

8.  Speaking of Rose, how are things going between you two?
Wonderfully. I will never love anyone more than I love Rose. But, since I don't kiss and tell-respectfully, I'd like to ask if we could move on.

9. Certainly. How about something random like...what's your favorite color?

10. Last question. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would want to know for sure if I'm the one being triggered. Because if so...I would change Rose right away.

Thank you for being here Christian. It's always a pleasure to spend time with you.
I feel the same Mrs. Thawer. Thank you and have a great night.


  1. Nothing like up close & personal.

  2. Mmmm can I have a piece??? Jeez, that guy is just gorgeous! Nice interview, it's great to know more about this character! I LOVE tattoo!


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