Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog Tour Questionairre

Okay everyone, the Treasure Hunt has officially ended, and now we move on to the blog tour questionnaire. The first person to provide all the correct answers, and who has already been qualified by finding all the smoking roses, will be the Grand Prize Winner!! 

Just copy and paste the questionnaire and then provide your answers in the comment box here: Contact Me

1. How old is Christian?

2. Where did Rose grow up?

3. What is Evangeline's favorite animal?

4. What is Jillian's favorite color?

5. Where is Terrance's favorite song?

6. How did I come up with the idea of The Rose Trilogy?

7. If I wasn't a writer what career would I want to have?

8. What is Rose's favorite food?

9. What is drifting?

10. What does Christian's tattoo mean?

Thank you so much for playing, and make sure you join us tomorrow at The Book Lover's Realm for the blog tour wrap up and the winner announcement!

(Use the blog tour schedule to backtrack and hunt for the answers!)

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