Friday, November 25, 2011

Life After NaNo

Even though it's only the 25th of November, I completed and verified my 50k word count for NaNo back on November 19th. YAY!!!

While I am completely excited to have reached that goal, I'm now left with the feeling, "What do I do now?"

Well, the answer is..... keep writing of course!!!!

I am using the end of NaNo to complete a short-story that I've been asked to submit for an upcoming anthology. How exciting!! This will be a short-story companion for my upcoming Ovialell series, separate from the world of Rose and Christian.

The end of a race...
The beginning of history...
The birth of a warrior.

Rezmona, the demon Queen of Abrinthill, has spent her life maintaining the breeding program in order to secure a future for her race. But now she faces something she's never encountered before. 

Kylie, a prisoner who's been gathered for the breeding program, is different than any other before her. Not only is she able to withstand the damaging preparations all prisoners must endure...she's actually able to fight back. The demons quickly learn she's not only a threat to the breeding program, but to their very lives as well.

Kylie is the Prophecy's Child.

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