Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome Rae Hachton & Johnny Heart

1. So you’re a “xombie” with pale skin and stitched blue lips? That is incredibly interesting. How did this come to be?
I was created in an attic by a teenage girl who wanted a boyfriend because her father didn't let her leave the house. He kept her captive there. He was a mad scientist. But his daughter had magick of her own.
My creator— Anastasia—first constructed me from stone, I was a sculpture. Then she brought me to life. I ended up with pale skin and blue lips because I didn't have any blood in my body. When my bottom lip cracked from the non-life in me, and from the freezing temperatures (not only was I created during winter, but since I didn’t have any blood I remained cold) she stitched it back together.
2. Do you have any memory of being created? What did it feel like?
Yes. It was horrifying. I’d rather not discuss it.
3. It’s rumored that you have things in common with Dr. Frankenstein’s monster and Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. Could you tell us a few interesting things about this?
We are all three outcasts, abandoned by our creator and left alone in a world of which we do not understand. We are scarred and there are stitches to prove it.
4. So you’re a “xombie” and not a Zombie? What is a xombie?
A being created through magick which has no soul. I was never alive, I was never human. I've always been something different. Since I wasn't a reanimated human body, I couldn't be referred to as a zombie.
5. Zombies eat brains. What do you eat?
Wanna take a guess?
6. You’re also an artist, I hear. How did this begin and what kind of art do you enjoy?
am art. Johnny He[Art]. What would you do if you were left in an attic alone for many years with all of your creator’s art materials? Turn the lemons into lemonade, so to speak. (Although Edward Scissorhands would absolutely hate this.) Haha. But he had his horticulture and I had my art.
7. If you could choose one song to describe you and the book, what song would it be?
8. If you could choose one song to describe you and Francesca, what song would you select?
9. If you could have just one wish, what would you wish for, Johnny Heart?
To be real. 
10. I read two interesting quotes from your story:
“I’ve never wanted a heart as much as I want yours.”
and “When I kiss you, it will be THE kiss, and not just ‘a’ kiss.”
Could you explain what those quotes mean? We want to know what is the kiss? And what does it mean to want a heart so badly?
Can you use your imagination? I kiss way better than other (human) guys, and well, as for the last part...
11. Frankie’s Monster is a book that incorporates art, is this correct? If so, could you give us a few examples?
Chapter 16. The Kiss. READ IT.
Auguste Rodin is my most admired sculptor. He has a statue called The Kiss. I replicate that art piece in avery real life form with Francesca.
Use some observation skills here.
I’ll help.
1. They are naked
2. They are on a stone
Anything else you need to know? Oh yeah, here’s an idea—

12. Your story is unlike anything else currently out there. A New Adult Fairytale/Fantasy? How did you get Rae to write your story? How did you two meet?
She’s sort of in love with me. I appeared to her in a dream once and drew her portrait . After that, she basically did anything I told her   asked her to do.
13. Not all fairytales have a Happily Ever After, right? Or am I wrong?
Depends on your idea of happily ever after. If you end up with me, then...
14. Something we don’t get too often is a narration from the monsters (is it okay if I call you that? No disrespect intended.) POV. But you do narrate this tale, correct?
Yeah, it’s okay. I’m the most gorgeous monster out there. I narrate my side of the story and Francesca narrates hers.
15. We are interested in checking you—I mean, your story—out. Could you direct us somewhere perhaps where we could sample your extraordinary tale or buy it?
Password: monster


Rae Hachton writes Dark Romanticism-sometimes with gears and clockwork. Has cemetery obsession. Misses Victorian London and ancient Rome. Believes in vampires and magic. If imaginary, she would be an automaton fairy. Corvidophile. Content.

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Rae Hachton is also the author of the  Pretty in Black series.
Pretty in Black
Black Satin
Raven in the Grave
& Coming Soon
Evermore (Pretty in Black #4)

~ I'd like to thank Rae for introducing me to Johnny and allowing me to ask all these personal questions. Also, to check out my guest post on Rae's blog, click HERE!

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