Sunday, June 24, 2012

RomCon Is Over...

RomCon is over so it's back to work!!

...and back to jeans and t-shirts!! :p

I had a great time at the 2012 Denver RomCon. I got to meet some amazing people: Authors, Readers, and Bloggers.

Here are a few pictures of some of the events and the peeps that made this weekend so great!

Monte Carlo Night
Bob, our dealer, was awesome, and I had so much fun dancing!
(Me, Brynn Myers, V, Athenna, Heather, Stephanie, and Kelly)

Monte Carlo Night
(Lynn Rush and Me)

Slayers Game
I love these ladies!
(V from The Book Lovers Realm, Author Brynn Myers and Me)

Speed Date an Author
These chicks were super fun!
(Kelly from DemonLovers Book Blog and Heather the Book Savvy Babe)

Slayers Game
It was such a pleasure to meet these ladies! I had so much fun with them!
(Athenna and Stephanie from Paranormal Haven)

Author Signing
(Delaney Rhodes and Me)

Slayers Game
(Kelly of DemonLovers Book Blog and Heather the Book Savvy Babe)

Chocolate Mangasm
Our RomCon12 Gang!
(Stephanie from Paranormal Haven, V from The Book Lovers Realm, Heather the Book Savvy Babe, Author Brynn Myers, Kelly from DemonLovers Book Blog, Me, and Atheena from Paranormal Haven)

Legendary Hero Contestants
(Billy, Julian, Brooks, Benny, Len, and Scott)

Legendary Hero Winner
(Me and Scott Nova)

I can't wait to meet up with all these great people again!

I got so many wonderful books that I can't possibly read them all, so get ready for my
After Party Giveaway!!!
(Check back soon)


  1. Love your pictures! It was great meeting/hanging out/messing around with you! Book Savvy Babe

    1. Thanks, Heather! I loved hanging out with you too! You're an absolute doll! And thank you for the "special water"! *wink*

  2. Love all the pics. Glad you had a wonderful time.. :}