Monday, May 7, 2012

Blood of a Red Rose Blog Tour

Yay! It's that time again...

Thanks for joining me for the Blood of a Red Rose blog tour. (Book 2 of The Rose Trilogy.)

On this tour you'll have a chance to see the first reviews of Blood of a Red Rose, but also play along in a scavenger hunt that will lead you to a grand prize that will include free e-copies of all the books released in The Rose Trilogy thus far; Scent of a White Rose, Roses & Thorns, and Blood of a Red Rose, plus lots of swag goodies.

In honor of the YA Scavenger Hunt I recently participated in, we will be doing things a little differently this time around. 

Below you will find the link to the first stop on our tour.
On each stop you will find a red letter somewhere within the review. Keep track of this letter. Once you've visited all the blogs on the tour you'll have all the letters you need to unscramble the words to solve the puzzle below. (2 words - all caps - include the space)

_ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _

The answer to the puzzle is your password to the "Exclusive Content" page here on my blog. Once you've solved the puzzle, click on the "Exclusive Content" tab above (under the "Home" tab), to open the password box!

Once you've gained access you'll be able to see some exclusive content from Blood of a Red Rose but most importantly you'll find the Grand Prize Giveaway. 

Enter for your chance to win e-copies of ALL 3 BOOKS released in The Rose Trilogy thus far. Scent of a White Rose, Roses & Thorns and Blood of a Red Rose, plus lots of swag goodies!

Here is your first letter, and now, just click the image below to get started!

Thanks for playing and good luck! ~ Tish

On the first stop (The Bookshelf Sophisticate), please click on the highlighted letter to continue to the next stop of the tour! Katelyn's sneeky like that! LOL

Also, for more insider info, visit my Facebook page for the latest character reveals.



  1. Oh no...I suck at word scrambles. But they're still fun. Here I go!!!

  2. Hi, Kriston! Thanks for playing. P.S. The word scramble is really easy! :)

  3. Tish, just wanted to stop by and say best-of-luck to you! Your covers are GORGEOUS!


  4. Replies
    1. LOL - Hi, Lesa! Yes, you're in the right spot! If you've already complete the blog hop and have unscrambled the password - then just click on the "Exclusive Content" page at the top of this blog, and enter the password to gain access. (Make sure you type it in all CAPS and include the space.) :)


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