Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Release Day!!

Today is the official release of Roses & Thorns. You can find the buy links on The Rose Trilogy tab at the top of the page.

Reviews for Roses & Thorns:

"Roses & Thorns is the perfect follow up to the first book in the Rose Trilogy, Scent of a White Rose. In this short but heart-warming novella we get a deeper look into Rose and Christian's romance and how it all began. I love that we get both characters' perspectives on their romance and how each interacts within their family circles.

While Rose and Christian's love story touches your heart, the special bond between Rose and her mother, Loraine, is exceptionally touching. Tish really captures the love and devotion these two share and really tugs at your heart strings with her vivid writing style. Roses & Thorns moves at a quick pace but makes up for it with plenty of details that tie right into the original giving the reader a deeper look into Rose and Christian's bewitching romance!

If you're a romantic at heart you'll love this forbidden vampire romance filled with emotion and enchanting characters. Roses & Thorns is a companion to the first book in the series but is so well written it doubles as a prequel (definitely can be read as a stand alone). One thing's for sure, once you step into Tish's captivating world there's no going back!" 4-stars ~ Romancing the Darkside

"5*****s! An excellent read!! It's a short story about love and vampires!! Thank you Tish, I LOVED it!!" ~ Black Words-White Pages

"I was honored when Tish Thawer asked if I would review her latest release in the Rose Trilogy. Roses & Thorns is a fast paced short story that should be read after Scent of a White Rose. This book focuses on Rose and Christian's love story and fills in the blanks of how their romance began. I have lost count of all the things that I love about this short story. The imagery she used to describe the tender relationship between Rose and her mother, Loraine, is breathtaking. It is truly heartwarming and will leave you wanting more. I am not one to give spoilers so you are just going to have to read Roses & Thorns for yourself *huge grin* but I know you too will become enthralled with the magic of Rose's room. Bravo Tish on drawing me into the world you created. I look forward to reading Blood of a Red Rose, book 2 in the Rose Trilogy. Rose has a lot to explain and I cannot wait to see how she handles it all." ~ The Book Lovers Realm

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