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THE WOMEN OF PURGATORY ~ A new adult Urban Fantasy trilogy featuring three bad-ass women who leave their mark on Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.

HOLLI'S HELLFIRE (The Women of Purgatory Book 3)
Will she choose to stay the Reaper she is, or become the Goddess she was?

Holli's memories of her life as the Goddess Hel are starting to resurface, and the timing can't be a coincidence.

Her father's quest continues to threaten Purgatory and her decision to embrace her past has the potential to save or destroy it all.


THE WITCHES OF BLACKBROOK TRILOGY ~  A new adult Paranormal Romance trilogy featuring three sister witches who escape their fate when the eldest casts a spell to send their souls forward through time.

THE SISTERS OF SALEM ~ (The Witches of BlackBrook Book 3)
Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

After facing a relentless foe, three sister witches are forced even further back through time to a place that holds just as much sorrow for them as it does joy.

Returning to their origins in 1685, the trio races to save not only their mother from the clutches of their new enemy but also to secure the future they’ve worked for centuries to build.

Avoiding their younger selves is a necessity that proves difficult, especially when one sister isn’t sure she wants to leave the past behind. Faced with love and loss, these witches are forced to endure the burning times again, and one wrong step could alter history and their future forever.

A Witches of BlackBrook novel


THE OVIALELL SERIES ~ An adult PNR series featuring Goddess, witches, werewolves, vampires, and even more sexy supernaturals.

(Please note: While the companions of this series are YA, the main books are for adult readers only, due to explicit sex scenes.)

QUEEN OF THE WITCHES (Ovialell Series ~ Book 2) 
Aryiah has taken her rightful place as Queen of The Witches. She now faces the challenging task of helping the Goddess Diana find out who is behind the increased attacks in Ovialell.

With another war on the horizon, Aryiah and Damarius will have to face an old friend and a new that is close to her heart.

Recently reborn, newly married, and suddenly in charge, Aryiah struggles to find a balance between her previous life and her present one.

WITCH WON (Ovialell Series ~ Book 3) 
With enemies revealed and another Great Rift in progress, now is the time for Aryiah to use her powers to save all of Ovialell from destruction.

With the help of The Witches, Aryiah leads the fight using all her magick. But with her heart still in pain from her recent loss, will her magick be enough to win the war?

With enemies at the door and her world on the brink of ruin, Aryiah has to once again make a decision that could possibly lead to her own demise.


THE FLOWER GIRLS TRILOGY ~ A paranormal romance trilogy. 

THE PEONY PRINCESS (The Flower Girls ~ Book #1)
THE ROSE GARDEN REIGN (The Flower Girls ~ Book #2)
THE LILY LEGACY (The Flower Girls ~ Book #3)
(Please note: Working titles subject to change.)

ALSO COMING Eventually:

THE SARAH BLUE SERIES ~ A new adult paranormal romance featuring wings, love, and betrayal.

BLOWN AWAY (Sara Blue ~ Book #1) 
(Cover subject to change)
When given the chance to become an you take it?

Sarah Blue did. Left in ruins by the events of her human life, Sarah falls in love with Tariq, her guardian angel. Blinded by her desire for love, Sarah jumps at the opportunity to join him in heaven. But soon, events unfold that leave Sarah questioning her decision, which in turn brings Jalen into her life.

Wings, love, and betrayal are a dangerous combination that could leave you...Blown Away.

SWEPT AWAY (Sarah Blue ~ Book #2)
(Cover subject to change)
Swallowed by her grief, Sarah goes into hiding, taking refuge in a place of her youth. A place that holds more memories than her broken heart can bear.

But once Jalen finds her, the memories of her past quickly become the motivation she needs to carry on with her future.

Wings, love, and redemption are a powerful combination that can leave you...Swept Away.

ALSO COMING Eventually:
TOWERS OF THE MIST A serial fantasy novel, comprised of five short novellas.

Set in a world where the old ways are no longer sufficient. A new hero and his band of loyal friends set out to literally change the world. But, in order to make a new one, they must immerse themselves in the old traditions, learn the hard lessons, and harness the powers that created the only world they've ever known...and then mold it into something new. But, will that "something new" change their lives for better or worse?

THOSE (Towers of the Mist ~ Part I)
Those are the magicks I need to learn. Those are the people who will teach me. Those are the trials I will have to face.

THEIRS (Towers of the Mist ~ Part II)
Theirs are the stories I have heard. Theirs are lands I must visit. Theirs are the items I must possess.

THESE (Towers of the Mist ~ Part III)
These are the things I have done. These are the powers I have mastered. These are the lessons I will share.

OURS (Towers of the Mist ~ Part IV)
Ours are the lessons that will be taught. Ours are the stories that the history books will tell. Ours are the magicks that will prevail.

MINE (Towers of the Mist ~ Part V)
Mine is the wisdom that they seek. Mine is the power that make them seem weak. Mine is the throne that will reign forever.


  1. you have your work cut out for you!! All these look amazing! I love your covers!!! Congrats on all your hard work, I can't wait to read them!

    1. LOL, yes I'm going to be busy for a quite a while, which is a good thing! And, thank you so much!! xoxo

  2. Wow, I thought I had a lot of books on my writing list. LOL I'm absolutely looking forward to reading them all. Now I feel like a slacker. :]

    1. Hahahaha...don't feel that way! My brain never shuts off and this is what happens. :p Now I'm faced with the daunting task of getting them all done in a timely manner. *Whew* Bring on the coffee, I'm gonna need it! ;)


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