Monday, June 25, 2012

After Party Giveaway!

I had a great time at RomCon 2012, and I got so much great stuff I've decided it's time for an
After Party Giveaway!!

I'll be sending out 3 bags of books, swag, magnets, pens, buttons, calendars, and more that I received from multiple authors!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Tish ynx so much for this amazing giveaway!!! *angel hugz n luvz*

  2. Sweet giveaway! Wish I could of made it to the ROmCon!! :-/ but... I had to work. You looked great and love your pics!! xoxxoxoxoxoxox

    BeckyLoves2Read @ gmail . com

  3. Hi! Awesome giveaway! I saw pictures of you and Brynn and you with sexy Scott Nova at RomCon!(GRRR!)I wish I had the money and time to went to RomCon! Maybe someday!

  4. Congratulations to Ashley W., Yamna M., and Gabi B..... you are the three winners of my After Party Giveaway! :)


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